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Ecological / biological pond – Biological swimming ponds

What is a biological pond?

First let’s find out together what is an ecological or a biological pond if you wish. A biological pond is similar to a regular decorative pond; the difference is the filtering system. In a regular decorative pond the filtering is done by an external filter. The external filtration systems operate by using ceramic pebbles, carbon and other filters. The system is indeed very effective and it doesn’t require any extra space but its performance is limited, therefore there is a limit to the amount of fish that we can fit in it.

The solution is to build a biological pond. This means to install a natural filtering system using substrates, plants and fish that clean and filter the water. In order to build such a pond it is important to understand that the natural filtering system will have to occupy at least 20 % of the pond. This defined area will basically be the biological pond filter. In the dedicated area for the biological filtration system we will put substrates that come with anaerobic bacteria that feeds from poisons that are created in the pond and the convert the water into clean good quality water. In addition it is recommended to combine plants that feed on ammonia. This way we also neutralize and clean the poisons in the water. Although a full biological filtration system was created we still need an external filter to catch floating particles. To the system we also add a (UV) ultra violet system, and we got an optimum filtering system for our decorative biological pond.

The filtration system for the pond allows for minimal care and maintenance of the pond and it keeps it in optimum shape for years. This way we can grow water plants and breed fish with almost no effort.

So far we have discussed biological decorative ponds. But, what is a biological swimming pond?

Biological swimming pond

If we got the idea of how a decorative biological pond works, it will be easier to understand how this comes to work in a biological swimming pond.  In this case we will also use substrates with bacteria, plants and fish to naturally clean the water. There is no need to get nervous! You don’t have to swim with the fish. There are several options to build the pond: with filtration area connected or totally separated. The decision to have the designated filtration area together or separated from the swimming pond depends only on the will of the customer to swim with the fish and plants or not. The big plus of a biological swimming pond is that there is no need for the use of salts, chemicals or chlorine. The minus is that there is the constant need to clean the scum and the pond walls from algae. Having said so there is no second to Mother Nature and swimming in a biological ponds allows for a feeling of swimming in a spring water. The water is pleasant. They don’t burn the eyes and it feels very natural.

*It is a must to install a pump that uses less than 12 volts or with external pumps that are detached from the swimming pond. The UV system and the water lighting has to be under 12Volts.

Good luck!

We will be glad to assist you with any questions that you may have

Written by Oren Ben Shimshon

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